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The next step in
high quality display solutions

Put 25 years of display solution experience to work for you!

We make great display based solutions
.... with high quality
.... competitively   
.... delivered on time

and our mission statement is to be the easiest display partner to work with !
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DCL Technologies designs and supplies high quality display and touch panel solutions that meet our clients cost, quality and supply chain objectives.

Products and Solutions

Design for performance, longevity and pricing objectives with great picks in displays, touch panels, peripherals and assembly services.  DCL has the experience, partnerships, engineering and business strategies to guide our clients to their desired results.  
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A direct supplier of off the shelf LCD's from all major makers and specialist in semi and full custom LCD solutions

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Touch Panels

Projected Capacitive

design and



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When it comes time to assemble your touch panel and LCD, its time to talk  about Optical and Perimeter

BONDING methods


Boards, Cables and More

Driver Boards,

Computing Modules,

Interface Boards,

Cable Assemblies,

Display Enhancements

Making it Easy

Purchasing or engineering, designer or CEO, we speak your language. 

We know what's important to you and your key objectives and we make quick

work of helping you achieve them. 

Everything we do is built around adding more value and solving problems at every desk.

We make it easy for you no matter your role, no matter the task, to get whats important done easily and quickly.


See How

Advanced technology, market and application knowledge
Vetted, auditable, de-risked supply chain and manufacturing partners
Employees in Asia managing your projects
DCL is your stable, consistent and reliable problem solving partner


Fast and easy access to data you need, samples you want and methods to shorten and meet design time sensitive objectives.
Working with DCL SALES-ENGINEERS get the job done directly and easily


DCL enables designers to help their clients with display solution choices that meet key performance, longevity and pricing objectives.
Working with DCL as an extension of you builds confidence and helps you add value with your clients.


Competitive pricing, payment and stocking programs, cost down road-maps, one price dock to dock options, a robust and de-risked supply chain partner.
You get our quality parts, priced right and on time. 

Tools / Blogs / Articles 




Search our database of display solutions for quick proto-typing, as the foundation for a semi-custom design or use them as is for mass production.




Get updates on market conditions, technical topics, purchasing topics and blogs from DCL's years of relevant experience 




A searchable database of frequently asked questions about DCL from real customers and supplier partners



Useful display and touch panel technology tools!

We Solve Problems

If you're in purchasing or engineering and are experiencing any of these challenges, talk with us:
  • Time zone delays
  • Challenging cultural and communication issues
  • Poor access to technical data
  • Slow supplier response times
  • Unexpected end of life surprises
  • Unexpected design issues
  • Price instability
  • Inconsistent quality
  • Late deliveries
We know how to get things done for you!

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